The Afterlife, The Spirits of Trauma and some notes on Planetary Ascension

CaptureA few years back I took great pleasure in reading Michael Newton’s book, ‘Journey of Souls’, having always had a keen interest in the subject of reincarnation. Dr Newton is a hypnotherapist and his book is devoted to exploring numerous transcripts of his patients under hypnosis who can recall their past lives, deaths and also what he terms their ‘lives between lives’. This last term essentially refers to ‘The Afterlife’. It’s a fascinating read as the recollection’s of the patients are remarkably consistent and compliment one another greatly in building a picture of the death and afterlife experience. The overall theme presented is consistent with many traditional teachings on reincarnation and at the heart of the books findings are that the Universe indeed operates as a kind of gigantic school in which consciousness is capable of Continue reading


Healing Trauma with Eiriu Eolas

CaptureA little over four years ago now I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a remarkable breathing and meditation program through some researchers whose work I’d been following on the internet who had the kindness and grace to put the entire method online for free. It’s sincerely the powerful healing tool I’ve encountered and will devote some time here to exploring the wisdom and theory behind the program.

There’s some amazing science behind the methods employed in the Eiriu Eolas program. A complete session begins with a warm up  consisting of some basic Asanas from Hatha Yoga followed by three different types of focused breath-work. It concludes with the ‘Prayer of the Soul’ which is a beautiful and elaborate affirmation and prayer to Continue reading

On the Spirit of Wetiko…..Syria, Skeptics and Psychopaths

CaptureThe overriding characteristic of the wetiko is that he consumes other human beings, that is, he is a predator and a cannibal. This is the central essence of the disease. Predators, “full-blown” wetikos are not in touch with their own humanity, and therefore can’t see the humanity in others. Instead, they relate to others either as potential prey or as a threat to their dominance. As if a different breed who is more animal-like predator than ordinary human being, someone fully taken over by the wetiko psychosis consumes others’ lives, physically, emotionally, psychically and meta-physically, beyond just the material body and physical possessions to the level of meaning itself. Wetikos are the “anti-artists” of our culture, embodying the opposite of what creative artists do. Unlike an artist, who creates life-enhancing meaning and enriches the world without robbing others, a wetiko takes and consumes without giving anything back, continually draining Continue reading

Gurdjieff on the Distribution of Knowledge

CaptureDuring one conversation with G. in our group, which was beginning to become permanent, I asked: “Why, if ancient knowledge has been preserved and if, speaking in general, there exists a knowledge distinct from our science and philosophy or even surpassing it, is it so carefully concealed, why is it not made common property? Why are the men who possess this knowledge unwilling to let it pass into the general circulation of life for the sake of a better and more successful struggle against deceit, evil, and ignorance?” This is, I think, a question which usually arises in everyone’s mind on first acquaintance with the ideas of esotericism.

“There are two answers to that,” said G. “In the first place, this knowledge is not concealed; and in the second place, it cannot, from its very nature, become common property. We will consider the second of these statements first. I will prove to you afterwards Continue reading